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For the professional - a mobile solution!

  • 15.6" (2560 x 1440) Display
  • RTX-4060 (8GB)
  • Intel i9 14900HX @ 5.8GHz (24 cores)
  • 16GB DDR5
  • 500GB M.2 SSD (OS/Applications)
  • Thunderbolt-4
  • WiFi 6 and Bluetooth 5.1
  • Windows 11 x64 
  • 1 year warranty


14900HX - 24 cores (32 processing threads) at 5.8GHz


16GB to 32GB is sufficient for most users.

For more dense projects, the Pro Laptop allows up to 96GB.


OS drive:

The Pro Laptop uses a M.2 Ultra NVMe SSD for maximum performance.


Audio/Samples drive:

Since M.2 SSDs are now about the same cost as SATA SSDs, we're recommending M.2 SSD for an Audio drive. 

Yes, speed-wise it's a bit overkill... but it makes sense to get the significantly faster drive (for the same cost).

Disk-streaming sample libraries is where a SSD really shines.

M.2 Ultra SSDs use 4 PCIe lanes and sustain 3200-7000MB/Sec (17-35 times the speed of conventional HD).

If pushing the limits with disk-streaming sample libraries, M.2 Ultra will yield maximum polyphony.


On the PC, we now have complete "PCIe via Thunderbolt" support.

You must be running an up-to-date install of Win11 and have a motherboard that provides Thunderbolt-4 via USB-C port.

Antelope, RME, MOTU, Presonus, and UA have full "PCIe via Thunderbolt" drivers available.  

If the audio interface is Thunderbolt-2, you'll need a Thunderbolt-3 to Thunderbolt-2 adapter.  (Thunderbolt-4 can use the same adapter)

Operating System:

Many have been waiting for that compelling reason to move to Win11.  With recent builds of Win10, Microsoft has broken the ability to disable CPU core parking.  If you're running a current generation CPU, this is that compelling reason.  For maximum performance (especially at low latency), we need CPU core parking fully disabled. Win11 allows us to fully disable CPU core parking.

All major audio software/hardware is now working well with Windows 11.

"Pro" version has Group Policy Editor (easy to shut down OneDrive, Cortana, etc)... and can fully disable all automatic updates.

This is why we no longer offer Win10 for current generation hardware.

Pro Laptop

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M.2 slots: 2

USB: 2x USB3 (A)


Video: HDMI, mDP

Thunderbolt 4: 1

WiFi: 6E

Bluetooth: 5.3