About Us

Purrrfect Audio LLC was formed to design and trail-blaze the use of Digital Audio and Digital Video workstations.

We're subject-matter-experts on custom PC workstations.

In business since 1994, we've been at the very forefront designing/building custom PCs for audio/video.

Our clients include:

  • Fred Coury (Composer TV/Film, drummer for Cinderella)
  • Evan Jolly (Composer TV/Film, Hacksaw Ridge, Wonder Woman)
  • Alexander Brandon (Composer Video-Games, Unreal)
  • George Marinelli (Bonnie Raitt)
  • Dino Alden
  • 9-Volt Audio
  • Cherry Records
  • Above Records (Rolling Stones, Neville Brothers)
  • Nothing Studios (Trent Reznor)
  • Koch Entertainment
  • MTV Latin America
  • Cliff Cultreri
  • Guy Babylon (Elton John)
  • Billy Graham Ministries
  • George Catapan (Survivorman)
  • Joseph Briggs (American Idol, Dancing With The Stars)
  • Ted Perlman
  • Sweetwater (we designed/built literally every PC they sold for the first several years)